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This is a timeline of the deadlines/milestones in the calendar in the Fall Semester.


First Week


  • Frame subject matter and concepts to be worked on.

Open House


  • create products to demonstrate the goals of the semester
  • assemble tools, materials and supplies
  • locate web resources: video, photo and text
  • Identify information and resources needed

Before Halloween


  • Public showing of preliminary work
  • Document work with web and video tools
  • collaborate with and find experts and resources worldwide
  • Identify potential clients/people who would benefit from our work

Thanksgiving/end of term


  • Work on project that addresses a community need
  • reach out to client/people who would benefit from the work.
  • Assess needs of project
  • Identify success criteria

Before Winter break


  • Public display of physical products created during the learning process.
  • Plan for display
  • Get products ready for presentation
  • Devise a way to gather feedback from client and other interested parties.
  • Document project and event for the web using video, photos and text.

End of Semester/course


  • Wrap up course work
  • Assess future development track of the projects.
  • Fine tune projects
  • Prepare for evaluation/exam
  • Make enduring online product for future reference.

Beyond end of course

Participants in the course should be able to use the skills of these processes to solve virtually any problem/project they encounter throughout their lifetime.

Participants should be able to work independently and collaboratively on personal projects in the subject area.

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