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For each course you are taking in DHS Technology and Engineering and Computer Science, you will need to create a student course Wiki.

This will be an online notebook of sorts. Here are some of the things that you should expect to put on your wiki:

Documentation of projects that you undertake

Proposals of things that you would like to make and projects you might do

Links to resources that interest you on the subject of the course.


How to make your wiki

  • Go to http://pbwiki.com/
  • Name your wiki - YourName Course Name is a good idea. Don't use your last name, just first name followed by last initial. Chances are very good that you will make another wiki, so don't be too general with the name.
  • If you want another wiki, just sign up for another.
  • Plug in your email address. You have to use a legit address to make the wiki.
  • Check your email, get the activation link. Log on, change the password to something you can remember
  • Start to use your wiki
  • In the future, you don't need to use your real email address to log on, just something that looks like a real address. For privacy reasons, you should use a fake one after activation.


How to set up your wiki

  • Take a look at the WikiStyle page for tips on editing.
  • MakeSomeLinks
  • Make sections on your FrontPage for all the major parts of the wiki.
  • ProjectDocumentation, WeeklyUpdate Course Concepts, Links are a few good ones to start with.
  • Once those pages have enough information on them, you should consider breaking parts of the pages off to their own pages.
  • If you have several wikis, you can link them together and make something of a Wiki Farm
  • When you have your wiki set up, send a link to the instructor via email.


Things you should have on your front page


Make an account with Box.net

This is a free account that gives you online storage of 1 gigabyte. By using this account, you should be able to store all the files you need online.



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