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Semester Showcase Grading





Project: 40%


  • Project completion:
  • Is the project done and representative of the amount of time that has been dedicated to the project?
  • Did you do the project?
  • Is the project your own work?
  • Do you have a completed version of your project to show on time?
  • Have you reached a point where you can show the project and have it work in meaningful ways with as few bugs and design flaws as possible?

Documentation: 30%


  • Can you show the process of doing your project?
  • Does your online documentation show what you have done?
  • Have you built a blog or wiki that gives the reader an indication of what you have done on each of the days you have worked on the project?
  • Do you have evidence, such as project notes, photos and video of the work that you have done?
  • Do you have physical notes, Quick Simple Problem Cards, photos, video and text that illustrates the work you have done?

Presentation: 30%


  • Can you explain your project to your audience?

This may include: You can tell about the project, what you have done and why, and can answer questions about the decisions you have made.

  • Do you have physical products to help illustrate the work you have done?

These may include: The device or program you have made, printouts of code, circuits you have built, photos and video organized in a logical and thoughtful manner.

  • Are you able to explain the steps you followed?
  • Can you explain the reasons for various design choices on your project?

___/ 100%

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