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Laboratory Safety Rules - Technology and Engineering Duxbury Middle and High School

  1. Students will work individually on some projects, while other projects will be done with partners or groups. For partner or group work, each student should interpret data and answer questions separately unless directed otherwise.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the lab/shop procedures before beginning the project.
  3. Carefully follow directions, both written and oral. Do only the steps described in the procedure of the experiment or that are described and/or approved by the teacher. If you are in doubt about any procedure, ask your teacher for help. Think about safety.
  4. Everyone should be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the shop/laboratory. Take care not to bump another student and to remain at your lab station while performing an experiment or working on a project. Any unattended experiment or tool can result in an accident.
  5. Wear safety glasses/goggles and other appropriate safety equipment whenever you are using potentially dangerous equipment or working with chemicals.
  6. Clothing should be appropriate for working in the lab/shop. Jackets, ties and other loose garments and jewelry should be removed. Ideally, dress for lab should include long pants and shoes that cover the entire foot.
  7. Do not engage in horseplay such as tickling, throwing objects, squirting water, etc. Misbehavior such as horseplay could result in your dismissal from the classroom and you may not be allowed to participate in future labs, projects and activities.
  8. If you cut yourself, spill a chemical on yourself or recieve a burn by touching a hot object, run cold water over the affected area, and you or your partner should notify the teacher immediately.
  9. Learn the location of the eye wash fountain and/or water faucets in the laboratory/shop. If a substance is splashed in your eyes, immediately use the eye wash fountain or water faucet to rinse your eyes. This should not happen if you are wearing goggles.
  10. Do not taste, touch or smell any reagents unless directed to do so by your teacher.When smelling chemicals or gases, use a wafting motion to direct the odor toward your nose.
  11. Treat all shop supplies with care and respect. The are potentially dangerous and costly to replace.
  12. Keep flammable and combustible materials away from open flames. Some examples of flammable materials include alcohol, paint thinner, paper.
  13. Handle chemicals carefully. Check the label of all bottles before removing the contents. Take only as much as you need. Do not return unused chemicals to reagent bottles. Report all spills or incorrect procedures to the teacher.
  14. Never handle broken glass with your bare hands. Use a brush and dustpan to clean up broken glass. Dispose of the glass as dircted by your teacher. Record and report all breakage or loss of apparatus to your teacher.
  15. Dispose of waste material as instructed by your teacher.
  16. Work areas should be clean and tidy at all times. Only lab procedures, lab notebooks, pencils and sometimes calculators should be brought into the work area.
  17. When a project is completed, always clean equipment and return tools and supplies to the proper place. Clean your lab table.
  18. Each student must supply a padlock to secure his or her work in the lockers.
  19. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the lab/shop.
  20. Drinking, eating or chewing anything during the lab/shop is prohibited. Talking quietly is permitted, but it should not interfere with your work.



  21. Depending on the course, each student will maintain an online portfolio of his or her work. This portfolio can be hidden from public view if need be. Students should not put any personally identifiable information on their online portfolio.
  22. Photography is an important way of documenting projects. Students and teacher will often take pictures to illustrate steps or concepts. Often these pictures are of the hands and the work they are doing, but can also  include faces.
  23. The 15 Minutes Rule Please do not ask to go to the bathroom or locker during the first or last 15 minutes of class. This time is devoted to preparing you for the project of the day and cleaning up from the work of the day. Coming into or leaving the room during this time causes an unnecessary distraction.
  24. Do not let the potential hazards listed above make you afraid to particpate in the lab/shop projects. If instructions are followed and care is taken, the likelihood of an accident is greatly reduced. Labs are usually the most fun-filled part of any technology and engineering course. Violation of any of these rules may result in a grade of Zero for a particular lab


Lab Safety Contract

This technology and engineering course offers a variety of laboratory exercises on current concepts in technology and engineering, often using scientific equipment and technology.


Various teaching techniques and materials will be employed to provoke student interest and enhance student understanding. Numerous laboratory methods will be utilized in demonstrations and student experiments. Safety instruction will be given and safe practices will be stressed in all laboratory work. Students will exercise critical thinking for solving problems and interpreting laboratory results.


I, ____________________________________________, a student at Duxbury Middle/High School, have thoroughly read the Laboratory Safety Rules and do hereby agree to follow all safety rules and procedures given therein. I will conduct myself in a safe and concientious manner in the laboratory/shop. I will not perform any unauthorized lab/shop procedure. I understand that misbehavior in the lab or failure to follow safe lab procedures could cause a serious accident. I further understand that a violation of these rules could result in my not being allowed to participate in future lab exercises.

Student Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _______

  • Parent Guardian Signature **

I, _____________________________________ parent or guardian of

_________________________________________ have read the Laboratory Safety Rules. I understand the importance of safety in the Technology and Engineering Lab/Shop, and I will encourage my son or daughter to abide by the laboratory safety rules and procedures. I understand that laboratory exercises provide my child with the opportunity to use their knowledge to solve problems while working with the best technology available to the school. I give my permission for my child to participate in this program.

Parent/Guardian signature _____________________________________________ Date __________


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