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Can you build something useful?

What have you made lately? Do you have some pictures, some video, can you write some text about how you did the project?

There are some really creative people in this school, and they are making their own technology solutions to their needs. Sound systems, computer case mods, transportation hacks, game modifications, stuff like that and more.


For some ideas of what modern day hacks look like, check out Hackaday.com , Makezine.com and Instructables.com . You can also search Flickr.com for 'hack', 'make', 'modify', 'altoids' etc. Entering this contest should give you some exposure to your ideas, and maybe it will line your room with more technoschwag.


Where can you post a hack for free?

Try setting up a blog, lots of people are doing it lately, try it. Wiki's are pretty easy, try Pbwiki.com, Instructables.com has its own system, looks pretty simple. Once you have something posted, tell people about it. Let some of the websites you find hacks on know about your work. Extra points for referrals from owners of websites that don't know you personally.


Here are some rules:

You have to be a student at Duxbury High School, but you don't have to be taking any Technology Education classes.

Your hack has to be your own work, but you don't have to work alone.

Your hack has to be documented online. You pick the host.

You can use a blog, wiki or some other format for your documentation.

Your hack shouldn't be dangerous, but you may need to include some safety stuff to neutralize the bloodletting.

Documentation must include a text description of the project and photos/scans, movies are encouraged, but optional.

Deadline for the contest is October 14. Prizes will be awarded soon thereafter.


How will the hacks be judged?

Does your project have a festive attitude? is it innovative? is your documentation complete? did you create buzz, get recognition in the maker/hacker community?

Judging can begin when the judges want, so get your hack up early. Judging ends October 14, 2005.


What are the prizes?

Subwoofer box with 12" cutouts.

1 year subscription to Make Magazine for all winners


More to come later!


See Mr. Connors for more information.


HackEntries - What are people doing for this contest?

Here are some links to get you inspired:

HackContest05 - Project description

HowToEnter - What to do to get in on the deal.

CurrentJudges - Who will be judging the competition?

ContestSchwag - What could you win?

SampleHack - Maybe you could do something better than this!

FrequentlyAskedQuestions - What do you need to know?

HackContest05 is sponsored by the EngineeringandDesignClub at Duxbury High School


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