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Grading in Technology and Engineering and Computer Science




50% Projects: This is a project based course, meaning that you will create a product that demonstrates your understanding of the tools and concepts we are working with.


30% Tests and Quizzes:Tests receive two entries for weighted averaging.


10% Class Participation: prepared for class, participating in the activities, following instructions in a cooperative manner. Effort and attitude are very important. A 0-4 scale is used.


10% Homework: Assignments are done on time and according to the assignment. 


0-4 scale

The breakdown of grades into the traditional letters looks like this:

4 = A

3 = B

2 = C

1 = D

0 = F


Make Up Work

In case of illness, you have the same number of days as you were absent to make up missed work. If you return to school on a day that our class does not meet, please make a point to check on missed work so you can be prepared when we do meet. If you miss a test or quiz, you are expected to arrange a time to make it up after school. If you don't do this, missed assignments will result in a zero. You are responsible for making up the work you miss.


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