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On 9/23/05, Sixty Seven wrote:

hey what is a hack? do you mean like a hack on a computer w/ programming n stuff? Does a homemade, new and improoved molotov coctail (Now with nitro glycerin!) count as a hack?


If programming is your way, then sure. You could make some improvement to a system using programming. I'm not much of a programmer, so that's not what I would do. Chad posted one on how he's saving a dam behind the elementary school. If he doesn't do that project the dam will fail and there will be a little river back there, and no pond. Replacing the dam after it fails will be much harder than keeping the structure intact. It won't be quite the same bird sanctuary. That's more of a civil engineering hack than anything else.


As far as a more explosive molotov cocktail goes, I suppose that wouldn't work so well because the 'danger/stupidity factor' is pretty high. ("hey, watch this...")


After a little searching online, I see that there really isn't a good concise explanation of the term 'hack' There are, however, a few websites featuring the kinds of hacks this project has in mind: http://i-hacked.com/ and http://makezine.com/ are websites run by the contest judges. A few others are http://hackaday.com/ and http://cockeyed.com/ have some other good hacks.

The contest has a SampleHack. Check it out for some idea of what it could look like.


The history of hacking that this project refers to goes more to MIT than anything else. Here is a link to some hacks up there http://hacks.mit.edu/Hacks/


The judges have expressed some interest in revising/reclaiming the meaning of the word 'hack' It seems to have taken on some negative connotations. Hacks for this contest should certainly be helpful, if not good deeds. That is not to say they should be wimpy. Humor is a great thing, make people laugh about what you've done. If you own something, you have the right to make it be what you want and need.


Make or reinvent some device, system or object to meet your own needs, not those of the people who originally made it. Document what you did, why you did it and how you did it. Other people can look at your documentation and follow your tracks or get inspired to do something for themselves.


Hopefully this helps. Good luck!

Q: Where can I get materials for my hack?

A: Maybe you have a pile of random stuff in your room, basement yard orin the recycling bin. Otherwise, you could shop for cheap stuff at Job Lot, Building 19 (they do have a Robo Sapien in the hanover store...)

Or, you could probably find something in the pickin' pile at the transfer station:

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