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SubwooferBox on display in the Duxbury High School Academic Fair space.

This box is pretty huge, with space for two 12" speakers, and has 3 ports on either side, for a total of 6. There is a plexi cover so you can see the subs thump. It should have a very long sustain on bass notes. It is carpeted, and when you add some subs, its' ready to take over your trunk!


Subwoofer Amplifier OCTANE-R 5.0:4 4 channel power amplifier, 12dB HP/LP variable crossovers, Full range aux output, Dimensions: 13.75L x 10.875W x 2.25H, 80W x 4 (4 ohm stereo), 250W x 2(4 ohm bridged) Courtesy of I-Hacked.com


Neon Kit It will glow, you will see colors. Courtesy of I-Hacked.com


XM Roadie reciever Mr. Connors won this in a raffle at the AltWheels Festival at the Museum of Transportation on September 18. Listen anywhere with sattelite radio. It might not be exactly like the one in the link, but it'll be close.


Make Magazine subscriptions to the winners. The first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and D.I.Y. inspiration. Read it cover to cover! Courtesy of Make Magazine


Small woofer with port. Courtesy of the the Duxbury Transfer Station. Mr. Webster turned it down, but it still has the original box and appears to have never been used. It should add that 'extra something' to your ride.


I-Hacked.com T Shirt What a fine way to show your colors! One to each of the top three winners.


a Premium pbwiki subscription for the winner(s). :) - From David Weekly of http://pbwiki.com/


Copy of the 3 DVD set BBS: The Documentary - From Jason Scott, Director of the series.


More prizes will be added as they become available.

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