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Technology Class Guidelines

Mr. Connors

Classroom Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to help you have a great time in Technology and Engineering and Computer Science at Duxbury Middle/High School.

Supplies and organization

Classroom folder - You will have a folder in the classroom to store your work.

Loose leaf paper for notes and homework

Pens and Pencils will be needed at times.

All tools and supplies have proper storage locations. When you are done using a tool or material, put it away for the next person.

Classroom Rules

  • Be prepared for class and in your seat with your homework out when the period begins.
  • Show respect for all members of the class. NEVER make fun of another person, and ALWAYS cooperate with others. I will not tolerate someone disrespecting or belittling another student or teacher. My classroom is a safe place. We are all equal. No one is better than anyone else.
  • Do your own work unless you are assigned a group activity.

Computer Rules

  • Each student will sit at his/her assigned computer. There will be no changing seats without a teacher's authorization.
  • Each student is responsible for his/her computer and must log in/out for each class daily.
  • Use of the internet will be for school assignments only and will be monitored by the teacher.




50% Projects: This is a project based course, meaning that you will create a product that demonstrates your understanding of the tools and concepts we are working with. 

30% Tests and Quizzes:Tests receive two entries for weighted averaging. 

10% Class Participation: prepared for class, participating in the activities, following instructions in a cooperative manner. Effort and attitude are very important. A 0-4 scale is used.

10% Homework: Assignments are done on time and according to the assignment. 


0-4 scale

The breakdown of grades into the traditional letters looks like this:

4 = A

3 = B

2 = C

1 = D

0 = F


Make Up Work

In case of illness, you have the same number of days as you were absent to make up missed work. If you return to school on a day that our class does not meet, please make a point to check on missed work so you can be prepared when we do meet. If you miss a test or quiz, you are expected to arrange a time to make it up after school. If you don't do this, missed assignments will result in a zero. You are responsible for making up the work you miss.


Discipline Process

During class, students should be on task with the work of the course.


First offense: conference with the student

Second offense: after school detention

Third offense: phone call home

Fourth offense: discipline referral to office


If the student is actively disrupting the learning of others, he or she may be asked to leave the class for the office, followed by a phone call home.


Cellphones and music players should be away and off unless these devices are needed for a class project.



The best way to reach Mr. Connors is via email at c_connors@duxbury.k12.ma.us.

This website has lots of information about what we are doing in class: http://duxtech.pbworks.com/. Individual courses each have a link on the right hand side of the screen.

Lets have a great semester learning how to use the technology more effectively!

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